80078 superheater flues ready for threading

80078 superheater flues ready for threading.

We press our own bottle ends to give the correct wall thickness after threading. Hole diameters can vary considerably and it is important that wall thickness is correct. Too thick will not expand and bead properly.  Too thin is not acceptable.

80078 superheater flue thread turning

80078 superheater flue thread turning.

It is essential that threads on flue tubes be cut after welding and held between centres or steadies at the front tubeplate position.  If this is not done then the thread will be out of line with the tubehole axis and the copper threads will be damaged.

80078 superheater elements

80078 superheater elements.

Here at North Norfolk Railway Engineering we have almost a constant throughput of locomotive superheaters for various customers. We also refurbish used superheaters by renewing the parts that are no longer serviceable. All superheaters are tested to 1000psi.