Boiler Shop

North Norfolk Railway Engineering has built an unrivalled set of skills and knowledge in maintaining, repairs and construction of locomotive boilers. Many areas of expertise and component supply are available to other loco owners and railways, these include:

Royal Scot new-steam pipes and superheaters fitted

New steam pipes for locomotive Royal Scot.

Work on this locomotive also included new backhead shoulder patches, new firebox tube plate, new superheaters.

Bagnal 401 inverted

Bagnal 401 from the Stephenson Railway Museum has had a new firebox and is positioned inverted for completion of the work.

The North Norfolk Railway Engineering team has designed and built a locomotive boiler lifting and travelling frame. The frame is now structurally complete and on going work will soon have the mechanics finished. When finished the frame (nicknamed Franken-Crane) will be able to lift and transport boilers up to 40 tons anywhere in the shop and outside on the concrete apron using radio control.

Whilst under repair boilers can be easily and safely turned. Anyone who has turned over loco boilers will know that this is a potentially hazardous operation. The Franken-Crane enables this operation to be carried out safely within the legs of the crane.